Dharma Crafts


DharmaCrafts: inspiration for your meditation practice and everyday life. For 34 years, the Buddhist community has relied on DharmaCrafts for quality meditation supplies. They make it easy to create a tranquil meditation room in your home with their exclusive line of meditation cushions.   DharmaCrafts began as a fantasy of right livelihood on a long solo meditation retreat on an island off the coast of Maine. Dyan was a young student of Zen Master Seung Sahn’s and had gone off to look deeply into some of the fundamental questions that human beings ask themselves. With $10, she purchased her first material to start sewing. So much has changed since the early years when Dyan stuffed each zafu herself and faithfully recorded every sale by hand in a red ledger. The dharma has proliferated throughout America. Meditation has now become a household word. And DharmaCrafts has grown from a tiny mind seed into a thriving business. But the original vision of DharmaCrafts has remained the same. They are dedicated to serving as a vehicle for the transmission of the dharma by offering the very best teaching materials related to Buddhist practice.